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About Aiping Wang

Master Aiping Wang is the founder of the Academy of Potential Education and has been an innovator in the areas of natural health and life education for the past 25 years.

After developing a unique form of healing, Master Aiping Wang left her homeland of China and practiced her healing method in countries worldwide. During this time, she successfully treated thousands of clients suffering from a wide range of health conditions.

Through her healing work, Master Aiping Wang became committed to developing a modern system of life education to help individuals prevent illness and achieve a higher quality of life, including life-long health, happiness, peace and longevity.

In 1999 the Academy of Potential Education was established by Master Aiping Wang with a mission of providing a place for people from all over the world to go and train life-long health, peace, happiness and longevity.

The Academy of Potential Education now provides courses based on Master Aiping Wang's knowledge - both residential and online - so that as many people as possible can benefit and help transform the world into a healthier, happier and more peaceful place.

Master Aiping Wang's current project is the development Centres worldwide, which combine her unique healing and life education methods with a modern delivery suitable for today's spa connoisseurs, and busy business people alike.

Today, Master Aiping Wang is dedicated to researching longevity and developing a specialised programme that can slow down, and eventually reverse, the aging process, thereby offering a completely natural alternative method for anti-aging.

"There are schools for learning carpentry, maths, law and architecture. Why not a school for learning happiness, peace and quality of life?" Master Aiping Wang

To learn more about Aiping Wang’s current projects, please visit the following websites:
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Aiping Wang
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